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Trade Down! has his latest mock draft up. Once again I like what he has down for the Bears. In round 1, where I was screaming for one of the big TEs, he has the Bears grabbing a DB, Jimmy Williams from V-Tech. That certainly has become a need for the Bears after the retirement of Azumah and the uneven play of Charles Tillman.

In round 2 the Bears get the TE they need in UCLA's 6-6, 256lb. Marcedes Lewis. NFL Draft Blitz says of Lewis: "An excellent receiver downfield, Lewis is a very good pass catcher. Lewis is able to release from the line of scrimmage relatively well, despite his lean frame. He does a good job of beating the jam and getting behind the coverage. He is too fast for linebackers and too strong for most safeties. He creates a match-up problem every time he is on the field. He can even be split out wide to take advantage of his size and speed combination."

He also has Vince Young going to the Vikings. That would be bad. Click the link above and check out his site. I dig it.

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