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" Sammy there?" Just kidding. But you have to wonder how all this shakes out with Lee out for a long time. The conventional wisdom is that Walker takes over at 1st base. So who plays second? Neifi or Jerry?

Maybe Dusty is all tingly knowing he can insert Neifi on a daily basis. You obviously can't replace Lee, but might Soriano still be available?

Other Cubs things:
  • David Aardsma looked much like a AAAA pitcher the other night. For those who don't know what that is, it's a player who is above AAA level caliber but can't cut it in the majors. I hope I'm wrong.
  • Depending too much on Will Ohman will be scary if not destructive. He has been shelled. In 3.1 IP he has allowed 3 BBs, 6 hits (2 of them homers) and 8 runs. He was solid last year, but at this point he is a LOOGY.
  • When Hairston gets the call he has to run the bags better. He is only 21-38 in SBs the last 2 seasons.


Tom Marker said...

Hairston is iur 2b as long as he produces. Neifi is the team's 6th man if you will. When someone needs a day off, insert Perez that day. He's flexible that way.

Deals are not usually found this time of year but if Hendry can pull it off, that's a bonus. Who would the Nats take for Soriano anyway?

Tony Foeller said...


Not sure if this the appropriate place for this comment....but here goes.

I'm a die-hard Cardinal fan. But beyond that I'm a baseball fan. What was with checking the baseball twice yesterday with Mad Dog on the mound? The guy's a first ballot HOF-er. He doesn't need to be doctoring the ball.

I was impressed with the emotional control that Maddux and Dusty showed in not throwing a fit the first or second times the Cards asked for the ball to be examined. Have you heard anything about any of this?

The Zoner said...

I haven't heard of it but it totally smells of LaRussa, aka the Delicate Genius. He's bush like that.