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Much has been made of the Cubs refined bullpen. They acquired two coveted relievers in Howry and Eyre. While I still believe that in the end the deals will not be worth it, I do see it as a short-term plus.


We're just six games in and I'm thinking that this bullpen is going to abused on a regular basis. 4 innings today. 4 2/3 the other day. A rookie starter in Marshall. Rusch is looking terrible. If/When Prior and Wood come back, I doubt they will be getting to the late innings consistently, at least not in the beginning. Whenever that might be.

(Quick aside on Prior- He was called to testify at a trial regarding his failure to meet the satisfaction of a store that hired him to sign all this Wrigley Field memorabilia. I don't know how it went in the courthouse, but I know for sure that he nailed his simulated testimony.)

So today Ohman gives up 2 homers, a total of 4 hits and a walk and doesn't get anybody out. Jerome Williams has walked 4 and K'd 1 and that new car smell has faded. I was excited when we got him and Aardsma, but neither seem to be of much value these days. I'd figured Aardsma for the big club this season and he is not here. That's not good.

The point of this rambling is that come June might the bullpen be cashed? They will be logging mass innings. Recall that before last season Howry threw less than 50 innings in the previous 2 years. Williamson is the new Chad Fox. Should Dusty get careless with him he will likely land on the DL or the surgeon's table. Eyre has thrown in over 70 games the last 4 years. Could his rubber arm turn frayed at some point?

And of course we know Dusty has a history of beating on pitchers.

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