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It's all about Joakim Noah. While watching the dominant performance by Noah and the Gators, I thought to myself that Tyson Chandler should be that good. Noah had 21 points, 15 rebounds, 5 blocks and 1 theft. He made 13-15 from the charity stripe. Florida pounded Nova on the boards and held them to 24% shooting. Although the Gators lost in the tournament last year to Villanova, they are 15-1 in March over the last two years.

What was that about it the tourney always being about guard play? LSU and Big Baby. Florida and Noah. Jai Lewis and GMU. Even Ryan Hollins and UCLA. Time to put that theory to bed. to the morsels...

→ Kudos to me for winning one tourney. This was in a bracket challenge on Miraculously, 2 players in our great nation correctly picked the Final 4. That is just insane.

Let them sing it for you. Interactive fun.

→ A very nice piece on the Chronology of the History of Video Games.

→ I should save this for a site of the week, but here it is now: Sports Business Journal.

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