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Hat Tip to Brett at Semper Reformanda


Tom Marker said...

Permission to borrow, beg and steal this for Blessings or View From The Bleachers (with full credit of course)

The Zoner said...

you don't need my permission. have at it!

Brett said...

Thanks for the HT, Zoner!

Hey, do you agree with me that Arits Gilmore should be in the Hall of Fame?

If so, would you be interested in helping me jazz up my new blogsite? It's obvious you know a lot more than me about customizing a website. This site looks great!


If interested, email me at


The Zoner said...

I'm shocked--I thought he was in the HOF. How is he not in? Ridiculous.

Thanks for the kudos on the site. I really don't know too much about design but I'll be happy to help however I can.

Jason said...

Let's give credit where credit's due, please.

The Zoner said...

I certainly would have if i knew its origin. Are you that hard up for kudos? Anyway, nice job.