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Harrison Ford hates the internet.

"The worst thing about the internet is that anything and everything is up for grabs. How can that be, when I limit my public conversations to about once every couple of years? "Any kind of rubbish goes on the internet and it can have a f**king life of its own."

I've never read anything bad about Ford on the internet. But this story got me thinking. When was the last time Ford had a decent film?
  • Firewall, 2006
  • Hollywood Homicide, 2003
  • K-19: The Widowmaker, 2002
  • What Lies Beneath, 2000
  • Random Hearts, 1999
  • Six Days, Seven Nights, 1998
  • Air Force One, 1997
  • The Devil's Own, 1997

Most of these films were panned. There is nothing memorable in them. The list begs the question--is he overrated? Indiana Jones 4 due out in 2007.


Tom Marker said...

Air ForceOne was probably the best of those listed. Hollywood Homocide the worst. Never caught some of the others. I actually think he works well in comedy tho the Anne Heche flick wasn't all that good. Couldn't get Ellen out of my head during that one.

RC of strangeculture said...

Yea...maybe he wishes he could search his name and find a little more fandome out there...

i apologize that i've added to the hate when I posted about him here in februrary.

Sorry Harry.

--RC of

PV said...

Fun fact: Harrison Ford went to the same High School as The Zoner. But not at the same time.

The Zoner said...

Are you trying to blow my cover? He did not go at the same time as me. But he did go at the same time as my mom.

Another fun fact: we both have the same amount of hit movies over the last 5 years.

-=-=THE ZONER=-=-