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Sometimes, on a day like today when you wake up but don't want to, go to work but don't want to, you find something to make you smile or laugh and it gets you going for the day. Usually it's one of my co-workers doing some Ron Burgundy lines. Lately we just walk around saying, "I'm too hurt" and then we laugh. Maybe you need to see the film if you don't think it's funny. But today I was scanning the AP sports stories and came across this gem. It's Dusty Baker's take on the new Bonds story.

"I read it, man. I was lost. I didn't even know there were that
many kind of steroids," said Cubs manager Dusty Baker, Bonds'
former skipper in San Francisco. "I've never even seen steroids. I
didn't even know what kind of steroids are steroids other than the
kinds you use to fight allergies. ... I was quite surprised with
the detail that was in there."
Wow. Are we really to believe that this shrewd leader of men was unaware of what was happening in his clubhouse? Or that he knows nothing about steroids? He's not Jack McKeon old. He's only 56. Surely he knows what's happening around the game. Just odd. I think maybe Dusty is overdosing on "Ignoritall".

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