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Rejoice--the morsels are back! I know--big deal. Anyway...

Let's start with a really sick man, the picture of insecurity in my opinion. It's courtesy of The Smoking Gun. Funny, the subject's last name is Frey. Not a good month for those named Frey. Someone call Glenn Frey and see if he is OK.

Marquette is ready for some props and how about a spot in the top 25? Last week they beat #17 G-Town and #9 Pitt. They also almost upset #4 Nova at Nova. They also beat #2 UConn in January. As far as I'm concerned they can take UNC's spot. "OVER-RATED (clapclap-clapclapclap).

Here's for you forgetful fellas: Achieve Domestic Bliss. Remember the Milk.

Someone really put a lot of thought into this. Things To Do When You're Bored I called and told him to take out the "Read the Zoner" line. How rude.

Professional secrets from those in the know. Tricks of the Trade

Find out your spammer name (I'm Brink K. Errata), take part in some name-battle games and all other sorts of weird stuff at The Surrealist

Some interesting thoughts on music sharing through comics.

And finally, the debate has already started about Sammy Sosa and his HOF chances now that he seems retired. Most asinine is Gerry Fraley's comments from the Dallas Morning News: "No. Sosa was more of an offensive freak show than a force. … Sosa was also a lousy outfielder, a poor baserunner and not much of a teammate. Whether he used supplements is not an issue for me, because there was no policy until two years ago."

What? It just shows how out of touch some of these writers that do the voting are. More here.

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Anonymous said...

Great post on the music sharing and micropayments in general. The archaic systems of royalties & residuals etc. are lagging sorely behind the progress of technology in terms of mediums for delivering art. The music example is a given, but digital comics are on their way as well, as hinted at in the link. It might not be that far off when people will be reading comics on their cellphones or psps or ipods or whatever other hand-held infotainment device is coming, let alone online on their pcs--in fact, Marvel has already posted a half-dozen or so issues for free at their website ( It would behoove the industry to be proactive in establishing standards for payment and distribution, rather than allow themselves to get blindsided like the ignorant music industry.

PS The author of the link, Scott McCloud, also wrote a great book called "Understanding Comics." Anyone with any interest in the artform and medium of comics and cartooning, or really just art in general, should pick it up. It's a great read, accessible and enlightening, and an acknowledged classic on the topic.