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Hey--blow out your arm for your country! Sign up now! The whole World Baseball Classic is a farce. In 2 years will anyone remember who won? Maybe. But will fans remember that their star player ruined his season or career by playing in a trivial series? Forever. And ever. And you have guys playing for countries that I don't even think they have ever been to. Shouldn't you have to have been born in the country that you will play for? How about at least being a citizen? Check out the rosters. Check out the Italians. It's mostly Americans. I won't be watching.

Mike Downey cries a river for Wayne Gretzky in today's Trib. He speaks of Gretzky's loyalty and points to some quotes from the Great One to back this up. On Bruce McNall: "I think he's a good person who made a mistake." McNall went to prison for ripping off millions of dollars from financial institutions. Downey follows Gretzky's quote with "He might know two more.", referring to Janet Jones and Rick Tocchet. Someone who knowingly bilks millions of dollars from innocent people has not made a "mistake". People who run a massive gambling ring have not made "mistakes". Whether they are good people or not doesn't really enter into the equation. The mistakes they have made were apparently getting caught. Everyone can be forgiven. But to call conscious decisions "mistakes" is so weak.

If Gretzky had all this going on behind his back he deserves some understanding and sympathy. But if he thinks McNall, Jones and Tocchet made "mistakes", he deserves a lesson on vocabulary.

And speaking of hockey, now I've heard it all. The pathetic Blackhawks have a new excuse: Wirtz: New rules Hawks' downfall


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