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I doubt you'll find a more disgusting video than this. Some wacko decides to take a dive through the trough of the Wrigley Field Men's room. If you don't know what a trough is, it's basically like a big vat of pee. In a humid, 90 degree bathroom. And it really smells. And it's brewing with various strains of bacteria. Hence, if you build a new building in Chicago it must have urinals. Troughs are obsolete.

And how bout the morons who are cheering him on? Maybe they were loaded or too excited to see such a spectacle and didn't realize they would get splashed. Oops. I'm guessing when they all went back to their seats and that hot, humid sun started to bake them a bit it must have smelled goooooo-oooooooood.

And then I don't why, but Mark Cuban comes in at the tail end. OK, he is actually a security guy, but what is he going to do? Grab the urine-soaked diver and bring him to security? "Hey you can't play in there!!" If I'm that security guy, I didn't see a thing.

Hat tip to my bro Joe, the King of All Pizza. Do yourself a favor and head over to Giordano's. You can find a store near you if you are in Illinois or Florida, or you can always call 1-800-982-1756 to get the goods delivered to you frozen.


Anonymous said...

Urine is normally sterile and does not contain bacteria unless:

a) the subject urinating has a urinary tract, bladder, or uteral infection, or possibly an STD.

b) The subject fails to clean the genital area before urination (normally done prior to submission of a laboratory sample, but not during normal urination). Like Staphlycoccus epidermidus which is harmless unless introduced to a sterile area of the body.

Anonymous said...

Where do you suppose Wrigley field has an outdoor urinal with a wood fence?

Anonymous said...

....And red, plastic beer cups

Anonymous said...

No where, cause Wrigley doesn't have an outdoor urinal with a wood fence. Probably the Iowa Cubs or something!!!

Either way it's funny shit!