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Hey guess who is in 1st place (albeit in a weak division) and guess who is playng like his former self? The Jazz and AK-47. The Jazz beat the Pistons and AK-47 was the man--24 points, 11 rebs, seven assists, two blocks, and a steal. Maybe the Armchair Quarterback can write in with some updates.

Also, with 2 losses in a row the T'Wolves have fallen below .500 at 15-16. Only a few teams in the West are scoring fewer points per game. John Paxson pick up the phone and get us KG. The T'Wolves window is shut. They've tried it all. Time for them to retool with young players like Gordon and Chandler and picks. The Bulls have 2 1st rounders in the next draft. Then they sign Ben Wallace in the offseason and we're all set. Right? On to the morsels...

--Don't tell Mark Cuban how to defend the pick and roll. Kenny and Charles did and he went off a bit.

--My, my, my PECOTA. Good article here on the Chicagoan who invented this system that is being used by a lot of big league teams.

--Who killed Kurt Cobain? This is rather interesting.

--Speaking of music, visit the Archive of Misheard Lyrics.

--This mini-putt game is fun.

--And if you are not a Hitchcock fan you should be. Here is a cool list detailing his cameos in every film. Good Eve-uh-ning....

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Anonymous said...

Well, speaking of Cobain...sort of. I just read this book called 'Zioncheck For President' which is about how this writer becomes the campaign manager for this activist kinda guy who's running for Seattle City Council. Along the way they detail the history of insanity in Seattle politics (mostly the apparently legendary Marion Zioncheck, a '30s radical who just loses his mind and kills himself). Anyway, really interesting book, great stuff on the Seattle and the way it is.

But anyway they mentioned along the way this guy Richard Lee, who believed Cobain was murdered, and like dedicated his local cable show to the case.

So apparently, looking at this link and quickly finding others by goggling, there's a whole niche of people who think the writer of a song entitled 'I Hate Myself and Want to Die' was murdered.

In denial, in denial...?