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Here's how I would vote on this year's MLB ballot.

JIM RICE I posted Sean McAdam's "Case for Jim Rice" and his argument persuaded me. He dominated in his era. He has my vote.

ALBERT BELLE This might raise some eyebrows. But find me a better right-handed hitter in the 90's. The guy was as intimidating as any hitter. You didn't want to face him. Or cross him. Career numbers: .295/.369/.564. One season with 50-plus home runs, three seasons with 40-plus home runs, eight seasons with 30-plus home runs and ten seasons with 20-plus home runs.

BERT BLYLEVEN Career ERA of 3.31 in almost 5,000 IP. That he has 'only' 287 wins is not his fault. Over 3,700 K's. 2 World Championships. Enough already. He belongs.

ANDRE DAWSON Rookie of the Year and an MVP. 8 Gold Gloves and 8 All-Star appearances. 438 HRs, 1,591 RBI. Had a killer arm--you didn't run on him. Stole over 300 bases. So he didn't walk enough. He certainly drew his share of intentional walks though and maybe that says more.

JACK MORRIS Many will disagree with this selection. 175 complete games in this era. 3 seasons with 20+ wins. 3 World Series Championships. Led all ML pitchers in the 1980s with 162 wins, 133 complete games, 332 starts and 2,443 innings. Made 515 consecutive starts. Pitched perhaps the greatest World Series Game 7 ever and was the WS MVP.

Feel free to write in with your picks. List of nominees is here.

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SBG said...

1. Morris has 4 rings: '84 Tigers, '91 Twins, '92 & '93 Blue Jays.

2. Sutter is a joke.

3. I think Belle is a stretch, definitely hurt by the short career. I did see his first MLB home run. I had no idea who he was, but he was mashing that night.

4. Thanks for the link. :)