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--Heard this being discussed on a local sports show. Is Kobe's 81 good or bad for the NBA? What do you think? I see the arguments for both sides. An enormous amount of publicity was lavished on the NBA due to his big game. At the same time people have looked at it as an indication of how bad the league is now. I'd rather see more stories on the Pistons great run. Or Smush Parker.

--I wrote about the Clippers' great start and how I thought it likely they would get to 50 wins this season. They are right on pace at 25-17. They couldn't close out the Heat the other day and that snapped a 5-game win streak.

You can look at 3rd year Center Chris Kaman as one of the big reasons for their improvement, and for Brand putting up some career numbers too. Kaman is having a career year and has shown marked progress each season. He's currently averaging 11 & 9 and shooting 52% from the floor and 77% from the line. He's becoming a swatter down low, getting close to 2 blocks per game. Kaman was selected 6th overall in the 2003 draft. Picked ahead of him? LeBron, Darko, Carmelo, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade. Right after Kaman the Bulls selected Kirk Hinrich. With the exception of Darko, who has played all of 500+ minutes in his career, I'd say that's a great top 7. Check out what they were saying about Darko around draft time here. The Bulls also have the 9th pick in that draft, Mike Sweetney.

--Tyson Chandler's numbers for last 5 games, 4 of them Bulls wins:

  • 21-27 fg, 18-26 ft, 12.o ppg, 14.4 reb, 1.6 blks, 34.8 mp.

Bulls had won 4 straight until last night when they almost pulled it off at Dallas, losing 98-94. Mike Sweetney has not played at all in the last 5. Hmm. In my dreams Tyson Chandler would become Marcus Camby. I said in my dreams.

--Anyone still opposed to sending Ben Gordon in a deal to acquire a stud player? I'm not.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, been noticing Kaman's numbers in the boxes--very solid. I must admit the Clip have sustained longer than I thought, so good for them.

And no, I'm not opposed to dealing Gordon, even though I like him just fine. But here's why: he has the biggest holes and smallest upside of any of the young Bulls other teams may want--AND he is probably the most marketable because he can score, and has been clutch, so he might have more perceived value to teams. It just makes sense. And if he stays, and goes back to doing his Vinnie Johnson Jr. thing, that might be okay with me, too.


The Zoner said...

He definitely has value which is precisely why I say deal him. He's overvalued right now--but likely won't be for now. There's stiull some sheen on his game, but he will be pigeon-holed right quick by NBA execs.

Why the Bulls wouldn't package him, Chandler and Noce is anybody's guess. You don't necessarily need Noce with Deng, obviuosly Chandler is replaced by KG and you can draft a SG with one of your 2 1st round picks next year. I know it is never that easy, but hey I'd do it.