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So you've been brought up on some serious gun charges. You're headed to trial. But you have your lawyer plead to the judge that it will interfere with your work schedule and you really need to have the trial moved back, mmm-kay? Not that the courts are backed up or that there are many other people involved in the case. You'd think the judge would laugh and dismiss your request in a heartbeat. Not if you're Sean Taylor and you play football for the Washington Redskins.

See, if our judicial system in America honors anything, it's definitely our commitment to tackling and coverage drills. And that's why Sean Taylor will have his court date moved back. Because he might have practice on Tuesday. Of course there is the small obstacle of beating the best team in the NFC in their home stadium first, but just in case, your honor, mmm-kay?

This kind of story drives me nuts. Here's the AP copy:

MIAMI (AP) - The trial of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor
for allegedly pointing a gun during a dispute was postponed today
so it won't interfere with his availability through the NFL

A Miami-Dade Circuit Judge issued her decision despite the
wishes of the prosecutor, who told the judge that Taylor should not
be treated differently than any other defendant, many of whom have
to miss work to attend court, and his trial should begin Tuesday,
as scheduled.

The proscutor also pointed out that "Mr. Taylor has not been a
model citizen." He referred to Taylor's ejection from last
Saturday's playoff win over Tampa Bay for spitting in the face of
an opponent.

Taylor’s attorney, Edward Carhart, told the judge that would create a hardship for Taylor and the Redskins, who play the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday.

Awww. It must be rough being a gun-wielding millionaire. Sean went to the University of Miami.

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Anonymous said...

That's a load of crap. If it were me I'd be in court as scheduled or face a bench warrant for my arrest. The judge is biased, she probably went to the University Of Miami so she's cutting him a break. No Way, you have to play the law as it is written, he was caught with a concealed weapon and he should be prosecuted like any other person even if they did attend that particular school. What does that say about ethics and everyother pro athlete, it says that they can in fact get away with everything/anything they please.