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Some great stuff on PAP (Pitcher Abuse Points) over a Play a Hard 9. The blog is titled such because it contains thoughts on the St. Louis Cardinals, the team that always plays a hard 9. As a Cub fan that aggravates me--because it is true.

But he writes about the abuse Dusty Baker unleashes on his pitching staff and how the north side of Chicago was likely the worst place that Wade Miller could choose to play for given his many injuries.


bipoff911 said...

what amazes me about signing MILLER is that he is neithrt a former BAKER player or black. Also he is not over 35 yrs. old and "could" have a few yrs. left if healthy.

The Zoner said...

Well first off Dusty doesn't make the personnel decisions. He has input I'm sure, but it's Jim Hendry's call. And Hendry has to save his own job now so he certainly isn't kowtowing to Dusty.

I hear what you are saying about former Baker players--he definitely has 'his guys'. Neifi Perez being front and center.

But I have no idea where the black players comment comes from. I'm wondering if you can point to some specific examples of his preference to black players.

When they dominated in 1993 with the Giants, it was a bunch of white guys and Bonds. Will Clark, Burkett, Beck, Brantley, Matt Williams, Robby Thompson, Bud Black and Burba to name a few.

And with the Cubs he went to Dempster over LaTroy and he loves Prior, Wood and Barrett.

So do enlighten us...