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The Bulls keep getting worse. And while it really doesn't matter in the fact that this team isn't going anywhere, even if they rebound and make the playoffs, it's still aggravating. And no fan wants to see his team regress after making some huge strides last year.

--I don't blame Skiles. His roster is dysfunctional. However, he doesn't need to be running out the lineup he has been recently. Why not use this 5: Hinrich, Gordon, Deng, Harrington and Sweetney. Chandler, Nocioni and Duhon can compose part of the 2nd unit. He has some real funky rotations. And starting 3 guys 6'3" and under is wack.

--It's wack especially when the Bulls don't get to the basket. Ben Gordon had 24 shot attempts yesterday and only 1 free throw attempt. That's ridiculous, pathetic or both.

--Tyson Chandler needs something, most likely a trade. He's not even Adonal Foyle. He played 11 minutes last night. He's making 10 mill a year. From last season his fouls and turnovers are up and his blocks, rebounds and points are down. He is also shooting a robust 40% from the free throw line. He's in his head and can't get out. Maybe he's in a glass case of emotion. I don't think 10 & 10 per game is asking too much of him.

--Why is Malik Allen gathering dust? He's a big man with some skills. Why doesn't he play?

--I wrote about Othella Harrington a few days back. Before yesterday he had played a total of 12 minutes in the last 5 Bulls games. Yesterday, he played 19 minutes, was 7-8 from the floor, 5-7 from the line for 19 points. He also had 2 blocks and a steal. I don't get it.


Schmidty said...

Totally agree that Chandler would benefit from a change of scenery, but that would mean the Bulls would have to admit they screwed up by dealing Elton Brand, the, ahem, NBA MVP at this point. Can't see that happening, though if anyone would cut bait and not care what anyone thinks, I think Pax would. However, what would the Bulls get in return? They've got a guy at $10M for multi-seasons, correct? He's not playing to expectations and with a multi-year deal, he's not attractive for a team looking for a salary-dump, either.

The Zoner said...

In my dreams he's part of a bigger deal to get KG.

Paintball guy said...

I totally agree with Schmidty! Chandler would do him good if he is in a new atmosphere!