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So they did it. Beat the Pack and pounced on Favre. But, it's not over yet. Vikes won again and are 7-5. On to the morsels...

Who needs Shaq? Alonzo Mourning is leading the league in FG% and blocks. He had a monster 9 block game against the Knicks last week. The game before at Orlando he had 15 pts, 21 boards and 4 blks. I'm not sure there has been a player in any sport that I loathed so much and then came to respect like Zo. The Jordan Bulls always made him flip his lid. It was so easy to get in his head. He was a big crybaby. But here is, age 35 with a kidney transplant playing well for a contending team. Amazing.

Phil Rogers lights into the Cubs and goes over their options for improving their lineup.

Meanwhile on the South Side, the big news for the Sox is their search for a backup 3rd Baseman. Must be rough, huh?

Has anyone noticed Mehmet Okur is going off? And that AK-47 is not?

Quick--name the leading rookie scorer in the NBA. Did you say Chris Paul? Sure you did.

Goofy morsels:

Anyone up for a Cuddle Party?

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NFL & that KG rumor coming up...


Sports Litter said...

What will the quarterback situation in Chicago look like next season? Orton isn't putting up monster numbers, but he is winning games. What will become of Grossman?

The Armchair Quarterback said...

I say give Grossman another shot. Orton isn't losing games for the Bears which is more than a lot of other QBs can say. I'll give him that. but at some point he'll need to pick it up if he's going to remain the starter.
-also since I watch Jazz games I'll agree with you about Okur and Kirilenko. AK's shooting percentage is awful. He is still incredible on the defenseive end but what the hell happened to his shot? Okur on the other hand still has bad hair but a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

The only thing keeping Orton from being completely reviled and booed off the field is that the Bears have kept winning. While some see that as the very argument that he's been doing a good job, despite his obviously terrible stats, that is not good enough for me.

Seasons where everything comes together like it has so far for the Beats are rare--ask the 2001 version--and the NFC is winnable: but only with a QB who can make more than a couple decent throws a game.

I firmly believe the Bears are going to get spanked in Pittsburgh next week against a desperate home team with a pretty good, aggressive defense. I expect the bottom to finally fall completely out on Orton and the offense, and for the defense to finally have a game where they can't do enough by themselves to win. And without a win, there'll be no more alibis for Orton's misfires--most concerting on Sunday was a lack of awareness in the pocket that led to a couple sacks. He'll be a sitting duck next week.

He was THIS CLOSE to getting the cascade of boos yesterday at Solider Field. If Favre doesn't hand them three points before half, and they're behind in the 3rd and he makes another terrible overthrow and they go 3 and out...well, it was coming, I could feel it.

By next Monday, we're gonna have a full-fledged uproar.