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Fresh off the AP wire, proof that the Blue Jays are strange:

Blue Jays sign Ricciardi to three-year extension
DALLAS (AP) - The Toronto Blue Jays extended their on-field
spending spree to the front office Tuesday, signing general manager
J.P. Ricciardi to a three-year contract extension that runs through

The Blue Jays have already given closer B.J. Ryan the largest
deal ever for a reliever - $47 million over five years - and were
closing in on a $55 million, five-year deal for free-agent starter
A.J. Burnett.

Ricciardi declined to comment on Toronto's pursuit of the former
Florida Marlins right-hander.

The Blue Jays perennially finish third in the AL East behind the
Yankees and Red Sox, the teams with the top two payrolls in the
league. Ricciardi said the club's payroll will be $75 million this
season - up from about $45 million last year, but still $50 million
less than Boston and more than $100 million less than New York.

"We used to just drive by Tiffany's," Ricciardi said. "Now we
can stop and we can buy a bracelet every once in a while."
Blue Jays president Paul Godfrey said he wanted to extend
Ricciardi's deal, even though there were two years left on his old
one, because free agents were asking whether he would stick around.
"I gave them my word that he would," Godfrey said.

What is this college recruiting? Who cares if the GM is still there once the line that is dotted is signed? I think Matt Millen called to congratulate him. They both had a good laugh.

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