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Going political for a bit, even if it is after the case. But I have to vent on this.

“Governor Schwarzenegger said Tookie didn’t seem redeemed, but we must judge a tree by the fruits it bears,” said the Rev. Jesse Jackson, referring to Williams’ anti-gang message. “And Tookie said, ‘I would rather die than lie to get clemency.’”

"Minister Farrakhan said, 'I'm not appealing for Stanley Tookie Williams' life for myself, God is appealing for his life.'"

What did Tookie say?

The judge called the jury foreman into the courtroom for questioning. The following colloquy ensued:
THE COURT: It has come to the court's attention that there is a possibility that some remark might have been made by the defendant [Stanley "Tookie" Williams] that was heard by the jury on the date that the jury returned its verdict at the guilt phase. Do you have any information concerning that?
THE COURT: What is that?
MR. BRAMHALL: He did utter a statement as we were concluding.
THE COURT: What was the statement? MR. BRAMHALL: "I'm going to get each and every one of you mother f---ers."

Other gang members said Williams originally helped found the group to provide protection to neighborhoods so dangerous the police were afraid to patrol them.

Um, so why not just become a police officer?

Here's a nice synopsis of how it went down outside:

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