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Wow, the Nets are really pathetic. They lost to the Bobcats last night 91-83. Brevin Knight had 25 and it stopped an 8-game losing streak for the Cats. This was in Jersey. In the 4th quarter, the Cats scored 30 points. Interesting that a 6-17 team can have their highest scoring quarter of the night in the 4th, and do it on your floor.

The Cats also started out the 3rd with a 19-4 run. Boos were heard throughout the entire 2nd half. Rightfully so.
This comes after The Star-Ledger reports of the absolute indifference in the locker room following a recent loss in DC.

Inside the locker room, it was downright chirpy. Vince Carter and Linton Johnson were yukking it up, and they weren’t the only ones. Voices were louder than they’d normally be after a victory.

Jason Kidd waited for the right moment and tried to slip out without being noticed. When reporters chased him down in the corridor, Richard Jefferson tried to split under the cover of the captain’s media magnetism.

The Nets lost, 94-74. What’s more, they were humiliated by a Washington Wizards team that was without Gilbert Arenas – he rested a bruised lower back – falling behind by 15 at the quarter, 20 in the second period, and by 26 early in the fourth.

“I have no idea,” was Jefferson’s game summary. “Really truly? I’m clueless. You’ve been here as long as me, and your guess is as good as mine. I really don’t know anymore.”

“The (lack of) effort tonight, you could feel it from the jump ball,” said Vince Carter, who opened the game 0-for-6. “I started off with a 3-point foul (giving Hayes a four-point play). And we never really picked it up from there.”

So there was a palpable lack of effort from the tip and not one of their 3 star vets did anything about it? I'm guessing Lawrence Frank gets the boot soon. The Nets are a joke.


The Armchair Quarterback said...

Vince Carter not putting forth his best effort? Thats a shocker. It's hard to believe early in his career he was compared to Jordan.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Little Larry Frank ain't long for that job, as there's no excuse for that team being that bad. Tons of talent. Vince Carter may be a malingerer and a phony, but does he have enough influence to drag the rest of the club down with him? I would hope not. And either way it's the coach's job to nip that stuff in the bud. Not surprised at Kidd shirking responsibility, as he's made a career out of it. The guy I feel for is Richard Jefferson, as I've always thought he was a guy who gets it, in addition to being a dynamic player. But it seems even he's ducking out after a game, though at least he did provide that honest quote.

It's doubtful the Net would decide to trade RJ in any purging, Kidd and Carter would have to go first, but if they ever do I'd love to see him on the Bull.