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With the hysteria of the White Sox World Series win still fresh, I didn't seem as psyched for the NBA tipoff as I usually am. I guess I didn't want to let go of the baseball season just yet. But last night's Bulls game got me going.

Down by as much as 25 points in the 3rd quarter, the Bulls rallied back to beat the Bobcats in OT. New Bull Darius Songaila drained a 3 at the end of the 4th to send it into overtime. Chris Duhon had his first career triple-double with 18pts., 10 reb., and 12 assists. The Bulls are off and running. (Nominee for cliche of the week)

Other notes from around the league:

  • From the NY Post:

    Jamal Crawford sounded disappointed and angered that Larry Brown threw a curveball with his starting lineup last night, benching him at shooting guard in favor of Quentin Richardson for last night’s season opener.

    Crawford looked crushed and didn’t seem to understand the move, and wound up with an awful six-turnover outing in last night’s 114-100 overtime loss to the Celtics.

    “I think I had a great camp, I adjusted well,” said Crawford, who entered with 4:20 left in the the first quarter. “I’ll be professional and be ready when my number is called. That’s it. That’s my statement. I’m done with it. I’ll be professional, be ready when my number is called.”

  • Kobe scored 33 and hit a buzzer-beater to defeat the Nugs. The Lakers starting lineup: Kobe, Smush Parker, Chris Mihm, Lamar Odom and Kwame Brown. That's weird. Denver has dumped their first 2 games of the season. Carmelo fouled out and had 6 turnovers.

  • The Bucks are 2-0. Andrew Bogut had 17 boards--8 offensive and Mike Redd keeps dropping bombs. They beat the Nets 110-96.

  • The Jazz beat the Mavs in their opener. Mehmet Okur had 27 points and former Illini star Deron Williams came off the bench to score 18. The Mavs may have the worst collection of defensive players in the league.

  • Sam Cassell went off for 35 points and 11 assists as the Clip won their opener against Seattle--at Seattle.

  • The Warriors might not be that good, but they will a lot of fun to watch. They beat Atlanta 122-97 to win their opener. BDavis, JRichardson, Foyle, Murphy and Dunleavy are their starting 5. They will be running. And running some more.

  • The Kings are quickly 0-2 after the Rockets beat them in their opener. Ex-Illini Luther Head did not get into the game for Houston. Jon Barry had 24 off the bench for the Rockets.

  • St. Joseph's Delonte West had 14-9-9 in the Celts win over NY. Paul Pierce had 30 & 12. The Knicks shot 18-33 (54.5%) from the foul line and were pounded on the boards 57-41. The Knicks also committed 22 turnovers.

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