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I'm reviving my dream to be a GM. Because I read this in my morning paper:

While (Texas GM) Daniels wouldn't be specific about what the Rangers offered, he didn't dispute several reports that he was prepared to give up Blalock along with John Danks or Thomas Diamond, both pitchers who were recent No. 1 picks. "This was a chance to address a need," said Daniels, the 28-year-old who last month became the youngest GM in baseball history when he replaced John Hart. "If there are bold moves available that give us an opportunity to take big steps, we'll take them. I'm not sure what this signals other than the fact that we're looking to get better."

Jim Reeves of the Star-Telegram lauded the move. He adds in the middle of his column: "Sure, there are questions about Beckett's health, but the deal would have hinged on his passing a physical. Owner Tom Hicks was willing to pick up the final two years and $18 million of third baseman Mike Lowell's contract, and there was some risk there, too, because Lowell had a wretched offensive season this year. But he still won a Gold Glove, and his clubhouse reputation is impeccable."

Hey, no big deal. Sure he has health problems. And hey, Lowell has a contract no other team would sniff around--even when trying to acquire pieces for a playoff push this season. Does anyone realize that last year Beckett had career highs in IP and GS? And they were 179 & 29? He's young and he has World Series experience. Those 2 things are great, but they are not the attributes you need for an ace starter. Jon Daniels is confusing #1 stuff, which Beckett has, with #1 workload, which he does not. Your ace needs to give you 230+ innings. He needs to give the bullpen a chance to rest. He needs to be reliable. 179 innings doesn't cut it.

Blalock had a down year. But he is only 25 too. And giving up a power-hitting 3rd baseman and your top pitching prospect all the while taking on about $20 million in contracts ought to bring you something better than a guy who throws 160 innings a season.

So the Red Sox went and got Beckett. And the deal they got was not as good as the Rangers deal. Go figure.


Sports Litter said...

I posted a bit about the Marlins and Red Sox on my blog. The Marlins can't keep doing these fire sales. They already have serious attendence problems. Why did they get Delgado last year, only to rip up the team for prospects?

The Zoner said...

Delgado was kind of a rent-a-player because his contract is backloaded. So he played for them last year on the cheap and now they will try to deal him. But ridding themselves of Lowell's contract was the impetus for the deal, I would assume. People are also still high on Ramirez.

Greg said...

The Red Sox got a great deal. I'm not a big prospects guy. Potential is a little overrated. Beckett is young and, you know, pretty awesome.

But why wouldn't you take Blalock and Diamond? I don't get that.