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It must be subliminal. This offseason I hereby dub "The Year of Overpaying Ex-White Sox". Billy Beane joined the madness by signing Esteban Loaiza to a 3 yr-$21.3 million contract yesterday. Not only did Beane want Loaiza, he matched other clubs offer. Apparently the Giants, last rumored to be throwing 3 yr-$24 mill at Matt Morris, were also courting Loaiza. He had a nice year last year. Nice. Perhaps that gets you 7.1 million for 3 years. But maybe the real question is this: shouldn't they be taking that money and getting a really good bat? Is Billy Beane falling for the old "veteran pitcher" deal? Anyway, Loaiza joins Haren, Zito, Harden and Blanton in an excellent rotation. Loaiza is a good starter. Just not that good.

Howry, Eyre and Loaiza. Could Frank Thomas be next? Sosa?


Sports Litter said...

Loaiza is a fraud. He had one good year in his 10 year career. There's a reason he's been on 7 different teams. He is hardly a .500 pitcher on his career and has a lovel 4.60 ERA. His opponents bat .285 against him.

What were the A's thinking.

The Zoner said...

i was scratching my head too. They'd be much better served getting a bat with that money.