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People make fun of reality TV. It has, in a way, become a parody of itself. But guess what? It's the cheapest form of TV to make and it isn't going away anytime soon, if ever.

There is one show that encompasses all of the qualities that attracted many of us to reality TV in the first place. Those qualities are: emotion, competition, suspense, personality and fortitude. That show is The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV.

Here's a quick blurb from the website describing the show: "They’ve got fire in their hearts, blood on their faces and total domination on their minds. 18 Mixed Martial Arts fighters all living under one roof competing against and fighting with each other for a shot at two UFC contracts - One Heavyweight and one Welterweight. Featuring President of the UFC, Dana White, as the host and UFC coaches Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin."

To the left is Rashad Evans. He is a heavyweight (205lb. +). He's an unassuming guy who, at least in this circle, does not strike fear in his opponents. Yet they have all succumbed to his will and his skill. He has incredible determination. He doesn't look that big (5'9", 220) and there is not one skill that he excels at over the rest. But he is good at all of them and he just does not stop. He's the absolute underdog of the heavies and I hope he takes it. He has earned the respect of all the fighters and coaches in the camp. Watch the show Monday nights on Spike. To learn more about MMA and the UFC:

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