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The Star Tribune is reporting that the Minnesota Vikings are being investigated for a lake cruise that allegedly turned into a kinky sex party.

According to the article, "The party became so out of control that crew members on the two yachts were offered money for sex and feared for their safety, law enforcement authorities and an attorney for the cruise company said Tuesday."

Jim Souhan adds, "In his first four games at the helm, Wilf watched his well-paid players 1) lose, 2) embarrass themselves, 3) narrowly beat a lousy team; and 4) embarrass themselves.

Then came the "bye" week, an opportunity to rest and refocus a failing franchise. The Vikings used their down time thusly:
• Head coach Mike Tice hired two retired coaches as "consultants," admitting his staff was dysfunctional.

• The owners held their retreat while the franchise became the laughingstock of the NFL.

• Prominent players took rented boats onto Lake Minnetonka and allegedly behaved with lewdness shocking to anyone who didn't notice one Viking (Onterrio Smith) getting caught with an Original Whizzinator and another (Kevin Williams) getting arrested for domestic violence.

Only our Vikings could make possible the future television series: CSI: Gilligan's Island.

There is misbehavior, and then there is Vikings behavior.

When Kirby Puckett made alleged advances on a woman in a bar, such conduct was termed a "scandal."

When Vikings players turn a rental boat into a floating brothel, such conduct is called a "Thursday."

Hard to believe, but the Vikings have scored more points than only 2 teams--the Bears and Redskins--in the NFC this season. They play their first division game againt the Bears at Soldier Field this Sunday. Someone explain again--how does Mike Tice still have a job? The Vikes could beat up on teams in divisional play. But if they lose to the Bears this week, they would be 1-4 with plenty of tough games left on the schedule: GB, @ Carolina, @ NYG, @ GB, @ Det, Pitt, @ Baltimore. They need to open up a can soon or it will be 6-10--and maybe no new stadium.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Living up to their team nickname, I guess, 21st century style--hedonistic orgying, but on yachts!

Actually, not sure if the reak Vikings were all that slutty. But this story is great reading, what a joke they've become. And don't forget Tice scalping the Super Bowl tickets.

Wait--wasn't Randy Moss the problem in Minnesota?

This weekend's game is the Shame Bowl--who bounces back more from embarassment? I'm feeling it's the Bear, since it's only on the field they make fools of themselves. That we know about. Except Orton.

Ok call it a pick 'em.