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One headline in today's Chicago Tribune says "Bears Do Everything Right". Columnist Rick Morrissey's headline today is "Complete game no reason to go completely nuts". I usually do not read Morrissey (as friend PV said about him: banal prose). But I had to see what contrarian view he would take with this column. The ol' a win is a win. Wrong.

There are plenty of reasons to go nuts. You don't win the division, the wild card, the conference or the super bowl in one week. You take steps. Yesterday was a step and a huge one. It was a huge win.

I don't think it is overstating it to say that the Bears season was already on the line yesterday. If they didn't win their home opener against the Lions and the offense played poorly again, they might have shrunk up into a ball and rolled the rest of the year away. So what is there to go nuts about? Again, taking into consideration that we are looking for those steps that show improvement and the coming together of a team, they are these:

O-Line: They heeded the call. They rolled up and punished people. They cut back their penalties. They looked like a very formidable group.

Thomas Jones: Look, if there is one thing this guy could always do it's turn the corner. Give him some room and he is a terrific back. The only knock on him I see is whether or not he could handle 300+ carries in a season. But how can you not love the way he battles? The way he carries himself knowing his job is on the line? The guy is a true pro. He dominated yesterday and I was so happy for him. 20-139, 2 TD, 2 rec for 19 yds. The first TD where he took back toward the corner, made the turn and got to the pylon was awesome.

The D: Is it me or are they reminding you too about the last great Bears' D in 2001? Urlacher looks spry. He's all over the field, looks fast and looks like a totally different player this year. Vasher is a ball magnet. Mike Brown too. Chris Harris was impressive in his 1st start. 2 games-15 points. Oh, and they thwarted the run too this week, just for good measure.

Ron Turner & Kyle Orton: Very nice job by Turner yesterday. The 1st week the Bears had only 49 plays on offense. Yesterday they had 59. 8-15 on 3rd downs and no turnovers.That alone gives Orton and Turner an 'A'. Have to mention Moose too. The guy is the best receiver we have had here in a very long time. He has impressed be so much with all the things he does. He is simply a joy to watch.

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