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Reader PV posted a comment about the Sox coming back to earth and that an "inevitable crash" was bound to happen. It's basically true. They were playing above their heads, especially in 1-runners. One thing though. Even after this inevitable crash they will still likely end the season with 95 wins. And I think that's still above anybody's prediction. So whuh happen? Besides Cleveland going nuts, that is.

Williams should have got a bat. PV points out that their offense has been poor all year. No doubt. And even if he thought they had the division in hand, I can't imagine him thinking this offense was good enough to take them to and win the series. And it still may be, but I can't see Williams thinking that way. It's also strange that in prior years when the Sox seemingly didn't have a solid chance of getting to the postseason, he would make some big deals. But this year--obviously their best chance to get back to the postseason since 2000--he stands pat, adding only Geoff Blum. And he's been pretty brutal offensively.

So the pitching struggles and that's your strength and suddenly your barely .500 for the 2nd half. A bat would've helped tremendously. Maybe Griffey wasn't available and it's not always easy to make a deal, but I've got to imagine there were some bats he could have added at a reasonable price.

Maybe Todd Walker. He would have been a great addition. Could play 2nd and DH. Would have given Ozzie greater flexibility. And he gets on base and can flat out rake. Matt Stairs probably could have been had. He's raking and drawing walks. Left-handed bat with decent power. The list goes on and I'm just surprised he didn't get a bat. I'm also surprised he didn't trade for Roberto Alomar.

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