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A.J. Pierzynski is mint. He was asked about teams in a slide winning games like last night's to put the Sox back up 3 1/2.

"I guess we're not supposed to. Everyone keeps asking that, so I guess we're supposed to lose these games. But no one told us that. No one told us we're supposed to just roll over when they go up, 1-0. But maybe we should.

"Then, whoever scores first, people could just go home. They want to speed up the games, right? So Bud [Selig] would be happy. First team to score wins. That would speed it up. It would be just like overtime in football."

Monday night late un the game, he showed bunt on his first pitch. After he pulled back and it was called a strike, he proceeded to rip a shot past the 2nd Baseman. Undoing his batting gloves while standing on the bag after his single, he said "F that mother******". While I don't condone the language, I'm all for his intensity. I love it--he was actually mad at the pitcher for thinking he could get him out. He is indeed fiery.

His offensive numbers are actually slightly down from his career numbers. But he does have a career high 18 HRs. Teams have run a lot on him, but he has only 1 error. He's much better defensively than when he first came up with the Twins.

So his numbers aren't the greatest. But they are solid from the catcher spot. He's a leader. That's so overblown, but this is one player whose intangibles must be taken into consideration. I hope he is here for a long time. When he was on the Twins a lot of fans said, "That's the kind of guy we need on the Sox." Well we got him. Now we have to keep him here.

As for the Sox, win tonight and it's over.

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