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Strange. That's my theme for the 2005 NFL season so far. The Bears are a field goal shy of having the same amount of points as the Vikings and Packers combined. Daunte Culpepper is the lowest rated starting QB in the league. Cadillac Williams and Willie Parker are the top 2 in rushing yards after 2 weeks.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel describes the woes of the Pack, including Ahman Green's 9-game slump.

Over the nine-game span in which Green has failed to break the 100-yard mark, Green has just one run of 20 or more yards and just four of 12 or more yards. Green turns 29 in February and already has 1,556 carries in seven-plus seasons, so the possibility exists that he is on the decline.

They also talk of him failing to elude and break tackles, a Green staple. With a poor offensive line, a poor defense and the loss of #1 WR Javon Walker, the Pack are looking old and weak.

Over in Minny, the Vikings look like the league's worst team. They have scored only 21 points and have allowed 61. Daunte Culpepper has 0 TD passes against 8 interceptions. His passer rating is 41.6. Michael Bennett has all of 9 carries in the 1st 2 games. Nate Burleson is off to a slow start without Moss and now has a hurt knee to boot. They have a total of 110 yards rushing. After 2 games they are already -9 in giveaways/takeaways.

The Bears just pounded on the Lions, who look like they might be better off with Chad Hutchinson. While that might be stretching it, their week 1 victory over the Pack is looking less impressive. Joey Harrington doesn't look like the guy who will lead them anywhere.

And then there are the Bears. They lead the NFC in turnovers with +6. They have allowed only 15 points. The offense should seemingly improve week to week. Could it be the Bears will win the division? Isn't it looking that way?

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BigD said...

It is! Three reasons why the Bears will win their division:
1. The rest of the division blows.
2. The Bears have a top defense and a solid running game. A recipe for success.
3. The rest of the division blows.