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Another swing and a miss by Todd Hundley--at least in my opinion according to his account of what happened that ended up in a DUI arrest. I'm no lawyer, but I'm betting the prosecution easily tears apart his story. Cuz it doesn't make sense.

From the linked article: "Hundley blamed a dose of the prescription painkiller Vicodin that he took for his ailing back on an empty stomach earlier in the evening when he thought he was in for the night. But when his 15-year-old daughter called for a ride from Hundley's ex-wife Tiffany's house 15 minutes across town, he put his 8-year-old daughter in the backseat of his car and hurried over to pick her up.It was on the trip home, within a mile of his house, that the former Cubs catcher began to feel "discombobulated." Some individuals feel hydrocodone (Vicodin) almost upon ingestion, although peak effects occur in approximately an hour and a half to one and three quarter hours according to this report.

This is the saddest/funniest part: "Police gave Hundley a field sobriety test in his driveway, asking him to stand on one foot and count to 30. He flunked."I couldn't do it," Hundley said. "Then my back started kicking in and I was not real comfortable [on one leg]. I told the officers, 'I'm OK, but do what you've got to do. I accept it like a man and am not looking for special treatment."

Why would you get special treatment? Cuz you were a ballplayer? What a joke. Of course he wouldn't deserve special treatment. To even mention it, as if because he played ball he might be able to pursue this special treatment but didn't, is ridiculous.

This makes it even funnier/sadder: "The Hundleys (Randy & Todd) played golf together earlier Friday at Kemper Lakes and Randy remembers his son wincing throughout the day. He recalled Todd left early to prepare for a weekend with his daughters."

If I know about anything in life it's back trouble. And I know the absolute worst activity for a bad back is golf. And if his back bothers him so much that he's on a regular prescription of vicodin, what exactly was he doing playing golf? That's like asking someone to stick a fork in your eye. He also acknowledged swerving recklessly. His children, according to the story, are 15 & 8. Why didn't he just pull over and shut his eyes for 5-10 minutes? The kids would have been fine. Or why didn't he just send a car for her? Weird story.

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