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Writing about this fuels the fire that is Terrell Owens, but we have to post this in case anyone missed it. Here it is:

There was a message left on Owens' Web site last week that said he planned to catch more balls than he ever has and his ``on-the-field heroics will far outweigh any off-field criticism.''

``Terrell will return to camp and continue to display the work ethic, and on-the-field dedication that has made him one of the world's most elite athletes,'' the message said. ``For you the fan, and your continued support in the most difficult of times, Terrell plans to reward you with a season for the ages. Where small men succumb, great men overcome!''

Good to know he is "one of the world's most elite athletes". As opposed to just being among the elite. Huh? Who exactly is his fan base and do they actually buy garbage like this? I'm certain the grocer, the delivery man, the construction guy, etc. are torn over this injustice to Owens. He signed a contract. Honor it. Too bad if you don't like it now. You had a chance to sign a one-year deal. You chose not too. Drew Rosenhaus complains that owners can cut players and the rules are tilted in thier favor when it comes to negotiation. Blame that on the union and the collective bargaining agreement they voted in. Or better yet, just realize that Owens is a pompous jerk. "Great men" live up to their word and honor their contracts and don't disrespect people like Owens has. As if putting up numbers on a football field can "outweigh" his churlish, immature behavior in the real life.

One of my favorite plays in recent NFL history is the Bears/SF game that went to OT. Owens was going over the middle for a pass and saw Urlacher tracking in on him. He nearly wet himself right there, made the alligator arms and didn't make the catch. It was so weak.

The guess here is he doesn't make it through more than 8 games this season.