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Everyone is talking about Jeff Francoeur. What's most impressive? That he has stolen Bobby Cox's heart---and claimed a starting spot on the 1st place Braves? His 10 HR in 130 AB? His 1.081 OPS? I like this one the best--9 OF assists in 35 games. That's insane.

There are some things not to like. Only 1 BB (an intentional the other night) against 27 Ks. But at this point that's nitpicking. Safe to say that some of those would-be walks were turned into one of his 23 XB hits (in only 35 games).

So how excited should the Braves, or baseball fans be getting about him? His minor league numbers through 2004 aren't anything special. And this year at Mississippi, he wasn't exactly ripping it up. But he's 21. Just 21. And tearing up the NL. Whatever he becomes, it's one of those great baseball stories--for most fans.

Some people have had enough of him though--like Balls, Sticks & Stuff. Good profile of Francoeur here in SI.

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