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I'm getting into fantasy mode--scouring through websites, talking to the fellas at work and getting their opinions and even forming some of my own. I play in a keeper league and each team gets to retain up to 4 players from the year before. It's currently "freeze" week. This is the week that we have to declare our freezes starting with the best team to the worst. Robert of the Wildcats was on the clock this morning and wrote to me proposing a blockbuster.

He offered me Moss, Wayne and his last round pick for LT and my 3rd. I hardly wanted to part with LT, but since I seem to have some sort of malediction on my WRs in recent years, I countered with my 4th instead of the 3rd and we had a blockbuster.

So with Moss and Wayne I seem to be set at WR. Besides my dire need for WR production, I also have Portis and DDavis that I can claim as keepers. They both have week 3 as their bye, so that isn't optimal. But I have the first overall pick so I am actually considering trading one of those 2 for another WR or RB, or just keeping Portis and getting a supplemental pick before the draft.

So shout out with any help or advice you can pass on. Always good to check out all the angles; especially when you tank it like I did last season. Let me know who you think will rock this year and who will Hutchinson (not rock. At all.) Let me know who you think is prime for a bust out rookie season. I'm not exactly sure why but I have a major hunch that Cadillac Williams is going to go off big time. Gruden may not like rookies. but his options are limited and this kid looks to be a stud.

Here is a great resource for the season: links to all the newspapers for every NFL team.

This is neat too: The Tailgate Traffic Report. All about the matchups, this link shows you what kind of defense your player's team will be up against for the whole season. Matchups are a great way to get an edge--and also a great way to want to stick your foot through the TV when you make a bad one. Of course being a Bears fan I want to do that most every week anyway.

So shout it out and gimme what ya got.


Tom G said...

I'm not crazy about your trade, and I think it is because my team has been in the tank because I undervalued RB's (dumb, I know) and overvalued WR's.

BigD said...

I'm not crazy about that trade, either. LT not only gets yards and TD's rushing, but has averaged 70+ receptions the last 3 years. I do believe Moss will have a great year, but how much better than what he averages?

I like Fitzgerald to bust out. Green and Warner both know how to get the ball to a top receiver with sticky hands. I also like Michael Jenkins, ATL, late . With P. Price gone, he should get PT.

I like your RB's. Solid. I also like the Jones' (Detroit and Dallas). I'm thinking about M. Moore of the Vikings late. Not sure where he will go, but almost everything I have heard about him is good.

Anonymous said...

Have to say I wouldn't have made that deal either: I don't think I could trade the best fantasy player, period, and I happen to think this'll be his career year to boot. So.

I have already drafted and several of the guys mentioned are on my team: Moss, Wayne, Cadillac Williams. So clearly I am optmisitc about their chances this season. The one guy I wanted but didn't get was Lamont Jordan: I always liked what I saw of him in college and with the Jets, and now he's in an offense where he's almost guaranteed to have running room with D's preoccupied with Moss, Porter etc. The obvious question is how many carries he'll get, which keeps him from being an elite pick, but whatever carries he gets will be productive ones, plus he should catch a few out of the backfield with room to run (as again defenses are scampering backwards to keep the WRs in front of him). Of course I have always been partial to the Raiders, so maybe there's a little bias (and too much analysis) here.


The Zoner said...

I would think Lamont will get around 250 carries and 1000 yards with 10 TDs. I'll be looking for him.

OK so 3 people don't like the deal, but tell me--would you rather have Moss Wayne Portis and DDavis or LT Portis and likely 2 WR like DJax and DMason? I was also hesitant at first to make the deal, but when you add it up, 2 is better than 1 anyway you look at it. Points wise I will come out ahead. I got 2 of the top 10 WRs--and there are less of those than RBs these days--for a top 3 RB.