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If there had to be a court case for fans to prove they are justified for loathing pro athletes, Terrell Owens would likely be the first call for the prosecution. Of course, he'd probably demand to go first.

"If it wasn't for (my family), I wouldn't be (in camp)," Owens told WPVI. "And God put me in the situation to go out here and still play the game, that's why I'm here. "They said to stay strong throughout everything. They know it is not fair and we're honest about it." Asked if he would give full effort despite his unhappiness, Owens said, "I'm here in camp and that's all I can say."

So what is not fair? He's speaking to his contract. It's a 7 yr. $49 mil deal that he signed last year. That was after he refused to report to the Ravens after he was traded there from SF. He demanded to go to the Eagles. He got what he wanted, both the team and the dollars. Philly made it to the Super Bowl. And shortly after they lost it, T.O. was quoted in the papers criticizing Donovan McNabb. As training camp neared, Owens let Philly know his contract "was unfair" and he wouldn't show up until it was renegotiated. So why didn't he just sign a one year deal last year? And now he can't even answer if he will give full effort?

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio has a great column here. If you're looking for T.O. at Eagles Training Camp, he'll be the guy sitting alone.

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