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Sat down with my little guy Luke, age 2 1/2, to watch the Bears tonight. Perhaps it's ominous that after the Bears missed a 3rd down pass on their first possession to go 3 and out, he burst out laughing. Now if that's not a sign I don't know what is. Even at 2 1/2 he is aware of his football inheritance. At least he can laugh about it already.

I also got a glimpse of his football intuition last year. This photo shows Luke confounded over the inept Bears offense. That group finished up dead last in points last year.

But they did end up impressing in the 1st preseason game. Not Luke, as he moved on to more interesting things like his cars, trains and books, but me. I'm left thinking that Ced Benson better sign on the line that is dotted soon and very soon.

There's nothing in his NCAA career to say that he shouldn't be a good pro. And his style of running has Bears football and "Black and Blue" division all over it. So why do I have major bad vibes about him? He had one of the greatest careers in NCAA history. As did Ron Dayne. And he's the longest rookie holdout guessed it--David Terrell in 2001.

And on the other side of the field the absence of Ronnie Brown was noted. He is unsigned. And the Dolphins have Lamar Gordon and Ricky Williams. So who goofed? The teams for picking players they don't have an all-out need for or their agents for holding them out so long. At this point I lean toward the GMs. Haven't they noticed that RBs are a dime a dozen these days? Could Benson really be that much of a difference maker?

Bears/Dolphins recap here.

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