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He finally signed. So now what? Considering he held out 30+ days, he ended up getting more than he bargained for. The Bears had every right and reason to start decreasing their offer to him. Not only did he miss training camp and all the preseason games, surely his regular season playing time will be reduced, and possibly his production too, all due to the holdout. I think they actually went soft on him. Where was he going to go? The offer was more than fair.

As far as Benson the man goes, he seems a little odd to me. From his interview after being selected by the Bears to the holdout to the press conference announcing his signing, he just seems a little strange to me. But it's all been said and I want to talk football.

I'm still not sure what Benson will be. I guess that goes for everyone. But many people seem to think he's going to be a horse in the Ricky/Earl Campbell mode, knocking them down rather then beating them in a foot race. I don't think he is as big & powerful as those 2, although he will certainly run through his share of defenders. I read one post where Benson was compared skill-wise to Edgerrin James. Watching this highlight video might make you think that description is more suitable. And the good news is that rookie RBs are the first to catch up and excel in the league.

2004 Kevin Jones Det 1,133 5
2003 Domanick Davis Hou 1,031 8
2002 Clinton Portis Den 1,508 15
2001 LaDainian Tomlinson SD 1,236 10
2000 Jamal Lewis Balt 1,364 6
1999 Edgerrin James Indy 1,553 13
1998 Fred Taylor Jax 1,223 14
1997 Corey Dillon Cinn 1,129 10
1995 Curtis Martin NE 1,487 14
1994 Marshall Faulk Indy 1,282 11
1993 Jerome Bettis L.A Rams 1,429 8 (hat tip:

So he may still have an impact this year. And maybe it will all work out for the better. Thomas Jones will get more work and Benson can slowly extend his playing time. Hopefully by the middle of the year the Bears can have a serious 2-back attack. I was very down on Benson. It was so Bears that he was a holdout. And when you think of some of the recent 1st rounders by the Bears--Enis, McNown, Terrell--you have to wonder about another holdout and what his Bears career will be. But the kid has plenty of skill and plenty of production and accolades to back him up. Here's hoping he stays healthy, scores TDs sooner rather than later, and most of all, stays injury-free. That being said, I doubt anyone in Chicago will be shocked if he is a complete bust. That's life as a Bears fan.

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