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I've recently discovered Dan Rosenblum's NBA Blog, and it is fantastic. He writes his blog is "for the huddled masses that enjoy collective bargaining agreement details and statistical analysis". I think the audience stretches out a bit more than that. He has a number of excellent links to check out (like this one) and his posts on the best and worst defensive players are must-read, as is his take and description of the new collective bargaining agreement. For you devotees of sabrmetrics, his blog features the NBA version called APBRmetrics.

A quick nugget on the CBA that I learned from Dan's site: The "Injured List" is now called the "Inactive List". I can't tell you how happy that makes me, even though I know it's disturbing to have something like that make me happy. It's just one of those rules that drove me nuts--players with non-existent injuries on the 'injured' list. For years I've been wondering why they just couldn't call it the taxi squad or reserve list. Well they've finally changed it. Sleep well, America. And stay classy.

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