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Well gee, hate to get political for a bit but I get really aggravated at our enabling future crimes. Case in point:

Ex-carrier gets probation for keeping 2,200 letters
Chicago Tribune August 10, 2005

CHICAGO -- A former U.S. Postal Service mail carrier was sentenced
Tuesday to 3 years' probation for failing to deliver nearly 2,200 letters
discovered in his home.Lance Shaviers, 38, who was assigned to the Irving Park station, said he was overburdened and couldn't deliver all the mail assigned to
him, Assistant U.S. Atty. Lela Johnson said.U.S. Magistrate Judge Nan Nolan
decided against a prison term for Shaviers, in part because he is a veteran of
Operation Desert Storm, the U.S.-led effort to drive Iraq out of Kuwait in 1991.
The judge also ordered Shaviers to complete 200 hours of community
service.Shaviers had pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for delaying the mail
between July 2004 and February 2005.

I kicked a lady in the butt and stole her purse--but it was while I was helping her across the street. I'm guessing now that we have really started prosecuting white-collar crime we will see less of it--at least not as flamboyant as say Enron. Point being, another letter carrier gets tired or fed up with his job and decides to throw away 2200 pieces of mail. He does because, "Eh, if I get caught it's no big deal". Can you imagine the havoc of 2200 missing pieces of mail? Concert tickets? Letters from family/friends in the armed forces? Simple things like birthday cards that make us smile and keep us going? I thank Shaviers for his service in the Gulf War. Truly I do. But I think we need to give those who might try the same thing in the future a little more to think about.

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SagaciousAgnostic said...

Whoa, crazy! I completely agree with you. What's with Postmen these days? If they aren't on a shooting rampage they're holding 2200 pieces of mail hostage...come on!