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I have always liked Chris Carpenter. He is having an amazing season. But Roger Clemens is having a better year. Taking fan appeal into consideration, La Russa picked the wrong guy to start. Players and pundits rip the fans for stuffing ballot boxes and voting for their favorites--not necessarily the best players. Well La Russa just did the same thing. Carpenter is not a bad choice to start the game. He's just not the best choice. If he was a Marlin or a Met, would he still be starting? The other notable omission was Billy Wagner. Jason Isringhausen likely has his spot. Another bad call by La Russa, if you go by the numbers.

It's also time to dump the rule that every team must have a representative. Especially considering that now the All-Star Game "means something" with home-field in the World Series going to the league that wins. Brian Fuentes over Roy Oswalt and Carlos Delgado?

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