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Recently I wrote about the "better" Patterson, Corey's brother Eric Patterson. He's down in Peoria with a .931 OPS, 39 BB in 299 AB and 29/38 SBs. He's hitting .338 with 18 2Bs, 6 3Bs and 8 HRs.

Plenty of Felix Pie talk here in Chicago with Corey going down to AAA. But Pie isn't much different than Patterson. He's a 5-tool guy with a lack of patience at the plate. Pie has only 16 BB in 240 ABs and 53 Ks. Not good. He's also only 13-22 in SBs. He definitely has skills and pop in his bat. But is he the next Corey? He's only 20 (Cubs signed him at 16!) and he's very raw. If he can learn patience he can avoid that tag. And while skills are one thing, production is entirely another. And in over 1300 minor league ABs, Pie has yet to put together a breakout season. At least one that makes you say that undoubtedly he is the future.

Joe Borchard continues to practice the "swing real hard cuz you might hit it" batting style. He has 18 HRs, but has 103Ks in 327 ABs. He will be 27 in November. Is there anyone in baseball besides Ken Williams who thinks this guy is still a decent prospect?

Remember him? Sweet-swinging Roosevelt Brown is on the Charlotte Knights in the Sox system. He is currently hitting 309/376/470/846. I always liked Brown. He never got a true shot at winning the Cubs LF job as I recall. He spent the last 2 years ripping it up in Japan. Hopefully he will get another chance in the pros.

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