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I hope this is merely a rumor and nothing more. If Preston Wilson was not in the last year of his mammoth contract, this would not even be a topic of conversation. Wilson has his uses, unfortunately they are mostly at Coors Field. His road numbers are paltry. He also missed almost 100 games last year. The Rockies are asking for way too much, the worst of which is that inquiring teams take on most of his remaining salary. The Denver Post and others are reporting they want Wellemeyer, Cedeno and another prospect. My guess is they would be satisfied with a bag of balls from any team as long as they could get his salary off the books. I hope Jim Hendry gets that same vibe. Wilson is certainly not worth giving away 2 prospects for 70+ games of service--and again--this is a player who missed almost 100 games last year. Taking salary and prospects out of the equation, is he really much of an upgrade of Hollandworth and Dubois? Doubtful.

There are better outfielders available and we still need bullpen help. This would be a very bad deal.

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BigD said...

I could not agree with you more about Wilson. I was having the same thoughts as you when reading about the possible trade. If you and I had the same thoughts, Hendry must be aware of the Wilson shortcomings. I have been most impressed with Hendry as a GM (with the exception of letting Andy Sisco walk away) and have confidence that he will do the best for this team AND future Cub's teams.

There are better outfielders available. How about one that can lead-off?