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He currently is .256/.290/.408; .698 OPS. Only 2 steals. Only 6 BB in 125 ABs. Now that Jon Garland seemingly has found the magic potion, Corey Patterson can officially be dubbed 'Chicago's Biggest Tease'. Of course, I'm not sold on Garland just yet. For I remember James Baldwin. Let's check Jon G's numbers at the All-Star break.

Corey is still a solid player. He's just not the dominant player everyone hoped or expected him to be. He has played in almost 500 games in the majors now. Almost 2000 ABs. His career OPS is .731. Yes injuries. Yes learning curve. Yes to all the excuses. Fine. But now look at how this year is progressing. It doesn't look so good.

What are we to expect from high draft picks? Shouldn't it be more than what Corey has produced? He was selected 3rd overall in 1998. If you took away his name and looked solely at the numbers and defense, you might think he's a good player to have starting in CF. You'd be right. But we are demanding so much more of him. Is that wrong? If this offense will get going he needs to drive it. He needs his career year. Right?


BigD said...

I don't have a problem with Patterson. Afterall, he is what he is. A 25-35 homer guy that will drive in 60-70, hit .270 and strikeout 100+ times.

When is the heat going to start reaching Ramirez? He signs a fat contract and has not shown much this season. His errors are up while his HR's, RBI's, and AVG are way down. This offense revolves around him.

Also, why wait so long to give Dubois a chance to play regularly. Baker's preference for experience over youth is irritating. I know Dubois has only been hitting in certain situations, but projected over 500 AB he would be at 57 HR and 150+ RBI. So what if his defense is bad? Is Hollandsworth a gold glove outfielder?

The Zoner said...

Corey has yet to hit 25 homers in any one season. Since his rookie year of 2000, he has hit above .270 one time.

The heat will surely rise on Ramirez soon. Right now people are too busy harping on Baker and Hawkins and being all giddy about DLee.