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Just watched Neifi Perez come up with bases loaded and 1 out. He fouled off the 1st 2 pitches. Why is he even swinging at the 1st 2 pitches? He ended up grounding into an inning ending DP. Sure he had a decent start to the season. I think it's because guys were going "Neifi Perez?...I'll just throw a fastball down the middle." Neifi has a career .270/.302/.382/.684. And that's with quite a bit of time in Colorado.

Hollandsworth popped up a bunt attempt for the 1st out. Why don't these guys who can't bunt (the majority of the league it seems) choke up on the bat and just check swing on the ball? They'd have a better chance of putting it in play and more importantly on the ground.

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